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Hridayam360 - Heart Bypass Surgery India
Our Expertise
About Zydus Hospitals

Zydus Hospitals has launched the largest, most advanced, comprehensive and best multi-speciality hospital of Gujarat in Ahmedabad.

Zydus Hospitals have been established with a vision to be the leading provider in healthcare service delivery to the community and become the most preferred destination for comprehensive medical care and treatment.

On a mission to extend the world-class healthcare solutions to the community through advances in medical technology, medical research and best management practices, Zydus Hospital has all major medical specialities, investigative and diagnostics facilities, rehabilitation and physical therapy care under one roof.

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Our Mission

To provide advanced cardiac care whenever needed; at an informed all-inclusive package cost, while maintaining complete transparency.

What is SMART Angiography?

SMART Angiography by Zydus Hospitals is an advanced way to examine the heart. An integral part of the Department of Cardiac Sciences, SMART Angiography gives an in-depth analysis of the heart issues, which in tum leads to accurate diagnosis and right and required treatment.

At Zydus Hospitals, we have an advanced, integrated facility with a dedicated team of cardiologists and cardiac surgeons who have performed some of the rarest of surgeries and life-saving procedures; setting new benchmarks in cardiac treatment. Our full-time specialists ensure prompt assistance, comprehensive and efficient care and faster recovery. Our advanced infrastructure supports the complex nature of the cardiac care.

Why choose SMART Angiography?

Cardiovascular Disease Management relies mainly on assessment and analysis of the symptoms and cardiac specific diagnostic procedures to know the exact issue Angiography and thereby arrive at a viable treatment solution.

SMART Angiography by Zydus Hospitals takes advantage of advanced technology and expertise of the cardiac team to ensure 360 degree analysis of the heart issue and provide an accurate diagnosis; laying a strong foundation for a successful treatment.

Our Expertise

Post providing an accurate diagnosis, it is the planning of the treatment and the treatment itself that is critical. At Zydus Hospitals, we perform every type of heart treatment and deliver excellent results.

It is a minimally invasive procedure to open narrowed or blocked blood vessels which supply blood to the heart with the aid of a stent. In case of vessels with calcification, Rotablation followed by stenting is performed. Chronic Total Occlusion (CTO), Complex Multivessel Angioplasty and Bifurcation Stenting Treatments are also available at Zydus.
Shortness of breath, swollen ankles, disturbed sleep, abdominal bloating, loss of appetite, recurrent coughing, tiredness and dizziness could be symptoms indicating onset of a weak heart.
It is a complex surgical procedure which focuses on improving blood flow to the heart. CABG is usually advised for patients with plaque build up inside coronary arteries leading to complete blockage of blood flow. It is usually performed in cases with multiple vessels involving multiple blockages, however, in some cases where angioplasty is not possible, CABG may be advised in single vessel blocks.
A thoracic aortic aneurysm, an abnormal bulge in a weakened wall of the aorta in the chest area, can cause a variety of symptoms and often life-threatening complications. Due to the serious risks it presents, timely diagnosis and treatment are critical.
Valve repair and/or valve replacement are procedures that treat diseases affecting the heart valves. When the aortic valve isn't working properly, it can interfere with blood flow as well as force the heart to work harder to supply the necessary blood to the rest of your body.
A heart rhythm disorder is an abnormal variation from the normal heartbeat. Zydus Hospitals boasts the most advanced Heart Rhythm Disorder & Implantable Cardiac Devices Clinic, offering treatment for atrial fibrillation, atrial flutter, ventricualr fibrillation, ventricular tachycardia, etc.
In this technique the valves are implanted without a open heart surgery, instead it uses a catheter based delivery system. The valve delivery system is inserted in the body, the valve is positioned and then implanted inside the diseased aortic valve.
When a heart fails to recover in spite of all the possible treatments, Heart transplant is the only solution. Zydus Hospitals is giving patient a new lease of life through cuttingedge heart transplants.
Our Technology
Your safety is paramount
  • Safe and infection free environment
  • Reduced radiation emitting, technology advanced cardiac catheterization labs
  • Stringent zero consumables reuse policy
Meticulous in Approach
  • Cardiac Angiography analysed with AI support database
  • Strong scientific ink-link
  • Predicts future risks to the heart thereby assists in creating indightful treatment plans
  • In case emergencies, our Door-to-Ballon-Time matches the global standards
Accurate Diagnosis
  • First-time accurate diagnosis that prevents repeated hospital visits
  • Use of advanced imaging and functional evaluation, viz., IVUS(Inta Vasculat Ultrasound) & FFR(Fractional Flow Reserve) and QFR(Quantitiative Flow Ratio) to arrive optimal decision
  • Scientifically tailored treatment
Reliable and Renowned
  • Get treated from the most-trusted Cardiology doctors
  • Unsurpassed expertise and knowledge
  • Compassionate team
  • Transparent
  • Patient First Approach
Technologically Advanced
  • State-of-the-art medical sciences, bio-informatics & imaging technology
  • Best-In-class cath labs
  • Rotational Angiography procedure with a 360 degree view in just 9 seconds
  • World-class infrastructure
  • We at Zydus Hospitals are taking a leap forward in understanding your heart beats, this has taken us to design a heart care program which revolves around “YOU”, a program which is smarter than your heart disease and shall out-smart your disease symptoms subsequently making you feel better by the day
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Drug Eluting Stent - Rs. 30180, Bare Metal Stent - Rs. 7400

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